2013 The future ...


The Château de Pibarnon estate now covers some fifty hectares and the wines are available all over France, and the entire world, poored on the best restaurants and retailers.


2013 The future ...


Most of the great chefs who have been awarded stars include them on their wine lists.

But they are not reserved for a special elite. Pibarnon is as suitable for an inventive, modern chef as it is for a more traditional type of cuisine.

It is also highly successful abroad. Whether in North America, Asia or Europe, Pibarnon is one of the different wines, wines of character grown on local soils which importers like to offer. Over the last 15 years, its wines have developed and acquired that fine maturity so typical of great wine-making estates as time goes by. They have also followed the astonishing advances made in oenology, the science of wine making, without ever becoming merely modish. They have become more refined while retaining their, personality, density and durability. And at the same time, above all, they reflect their timeless local soil.


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