2000 Wine of State


After spending ten years on the estate, Eric de Saint-Victor took over from his father and is continuing the work of his parents with the same passion and commitment.


2000 Wine of State


He has undertaken the tough task of succeeding a pioneer with amazing ease and not a little British "cool".


His knowledge of the vineyard and his very modern mastery of vinification made it easy for him to become a name to conjure with.

With his father, Eric learned how to persuade the local soil to express itself. The red wines became fuller and more delicate, the rosés became known for their elegance and refinement and the highly aromatic whites were adopted by the world of haute cuisine. With the new century and the new millennium, Pibarnon made a spectacular entrance into the mysteries of power: it was served at a summit meeting of European heads of state in Paris organised by Jacques Chirac, the President of the French Republic. In the morning, when the meeting was starting, negotiations were tense. After the lunch, when the summit's most important guests had tasted Pibarnon, all the tension vanished ...

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