1992 An amphitheatre of vines


In response to their customers' requests, Catherine and Henri de Saint-Victor decided to expand the vineyard.


1992 An amphitheatre of vines


A fabulous opportunity presented itself which was to enable them to dive back into creativity once again:

They bought the great natural cirque or corrie opposite the cellar.

An uninterrupted 20 hectares of land, a good ten of them suitable for planting. It meant starting again with months of bulldozing, shovelling and even setting off mines. With all that digging, they finally struck gold! It was reflected in the discovery of a very blue subsoil, Santonian blue clay, exactly like the renowned soils of Château Pétrus and Château Yquem. Luckily, it was easy to obtain the planting rights at the time. In 1992, after two summers of labour, the corrie was cleared and remodelled into an amphitheatre with a south-eastern and northern exposure rather like the ancient Greek Theatre of Epidaurus.

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