1990 The fanfare of fame

All great wine makers will tell you the same thing. There are some exceptional years which mark the history of an estate. For the second time in a row, the Slow Food Guide classified Château de Pibarnon's 1990 vintage among the 150 best wines in the world.


It certainly was an exceptional year


There's no doubt about it, Pibarnon 1990 was an amazing "passing shot” which shook people's convictions and began to take pride of place as the great wine of the South, the "Lord of the Côte d'Azur”, as the journalist Michel Smith wrote at the time.

With its powerful, coppery nose, black fruit and dense, full mouth extending to rich, opulent tannins, Château Pibarnon wine won itself the lion's share in many blind tastings. 1990 raised the fame of the estate up a notch and will be recorded in the history of the great wines of Bandol.

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