1988 Pibarnon progresses and wins points

Time passed and the hard work Catherine and Henri de Saint-Victor had put into the vineyard and the vinification of Pibarnon wines impressed the professionals in the business. Word spread.


1988 Pibarnon progresses and wins points


From the outset, and throughout the years that followed, the couple formed close links with certain journalists, great wine waiters, restaurant owners and also, eventually, a few importers.

All of them were prepared to bet that the venture would be successful, were keen to show these Mouvèdre wines to their customers - and even to force them to try them.

During the 1980s and until the early 1990s, the property gradually increased in size. From 9.5 hectares it grew to15 hectares, then 20 hectares. Some tenanted farms on the hill also enabled the vineyard to expand. As the vinestocks matured their production became ever finer. Even with the extensions, Catherine and Henri were not producing enough wine. The price of success is that demand outpaces supply. It is true that this enabled them to choose their retailers and importers with care, to avoid mass distribution, but one cannot be the originator of a great estate without wanting to satisfy the demand ... New vineyards and an amphitheatre of vines soon came into being!

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