1978 The pioneering spirit

In 1978, at the age of 51, Henri de Saint Victor gave up his job in a pharmaceutical research laboratory and embarked on the construction of Pibarnon.


1978 The pioneering spirit


Henri de Saint Victor was not afraid of starting from scratch. He was used to registering patents and having to start all over again with each discovery ...

He knew nothing about vinification and wine-growing, but he did know how to taste wines.

Having no agricultural labourers didn't bother him. Henri became a tractor driver and looked after his vines himself. He dived into his passion with the fire of a pioneer, bulldozed the land into terraces, raising tons of dust, and immediately planted 6 hectares of vines, achieving a total of 9.5 hectares. Henri handled the wine-making process himself and marketed the wines with his wife Catherine to local restaurants and cellarmen, forming a clientele. The house, which was uncomfortable and too big, and the cellar, which was too small, obliged Catherine and Henri to rethink the whole project. Nothing seemed to stop them. They pulled the house down and rebuilt a more modern, better equipped home, a perfect replica of an 18th century Provençal farmhouse. The wine store was completely remodelled and a modern vat system was installed. The task was daunting but Catherine and Henri did it on their own, like mediaeval builders. It was not until two years later than they employed a young head grower and, four years after that, chose a chief warehouseman.

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