1977 Origins

In the mid-1950s, Modesto Ramognino, an Italian stonemason from Piedmont, acquired land at Pibarnon with the aim of growing 3.5 hectares of Mourvèdre vines on the hillside. The spot was superb but isolated and arid, without water or electricity. Impelled by an irresistible force that made up for his lack of technical expertise, he nevertheless succeeded in producing a wine somewhat reminiscent of the great Italian Barolos that are so renowned for their simplicity and elegance.


1977 Origins

In 1978, after visiting many French vineyards, Catherine and Henri de Saint Victor stopped in Bandol in the secret hope of acquiring a wine-producing estate. While lunching in a little restaurant by the harbour, they discovered the 1975 Château Pibarnon Red and were immediately struck by the quality of that great wine. They noted down the information and, without wasting another minute, Henri and Catherine set off to inspect the property.

They were received by Modesto Ramognino's successor who happened to mention that he was finding life very hard at Pibarnon, perhaps too hard. The cellar and the house obtained their water supplies from wells and had no running water, the soil was very stony and the environment very harsh. However, the beauty of the site, at an altitude of 300 metres overlooking the scrubland of Provence and the Mediterranean, and the wine they had sampled, persuaded Catherine and Henri to utter the words that were to thrust them into a new life: "We're interested in buying”.

Thus, they acquired Pibarnon, an uninterrupted 16 hectares of land, suspended between earth and sky, only 3.5 hectares of which had been planted with vines.

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