December 2013

La Revue des Vins de France

You have to travel the winding roads of Bandol to reach the Château, sitting 300 meters above sea level on its Triassic soil. Here the active limestone plays a key role in determining the finesse of its light and modern accented wines.

- Pibarnon : two powerful vintages 2010 and 1990

> 2010 - 15,5/20

It is surprising to consider such a young wine. Eric de Saint Victor believes that it can be drunk now thanks to the pleasure of the young fruit. If it remains very young in flavour, then it comes into its own on the palate with plentiful fruits and a surprisingly fine tannin which allows us to capture the taste before it closes.

> 1990 - 16,5/20

We tasted the 1989 and 1990 side by side. The latter seemed to have a more developed texture and a harmonious bouquet. Velvety tannins, an airy structure, bursting with fruit, it reveals a beautiful complexity.

- Pibarnon in two delicate vintage 2008 and 1996

> 2008 - 16/20

Grey pepper nose, citrus skin. A firm mouth dominated by hints of dark fruits. It asserts itself with the solid and slender tannins that Mourvèdre carries in its genes. Bit by bit, it develops a scent of tobacco, black coffee and takes finesse on the palate, so can be consumed when it is still young.

> 1996 - 15/20

Very nice surprise. This small vintage proves delicious. There is still a vivacious tone to this fresh wine which is drawn-out by a chocolatey finish.

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