The White
of Château de Pibarnon

Le Blanc du Château de Pibarnon 2018

Grape variety

- 50% CLAIRETTE (finesse and elegance). - 30% BOURBOULENC (freshness and liveliness) - 20 % LOCAL GRAPE VARIETIES (Marsanne and Ugni Blanc)


Located on cooler north-facing slopes, the white grapes are planted on a very interesting soil consisted of BLUE MARL from the SANTONIAN geological period, the same soil as Petrus or Chateau-Chalon. Altitude 900 ft.


Direct pressing and cold settling. Traditional method. Fermented at a low temperature, slowly, during 25 days. Aged in tank and a small part in wood to give more complexity.


This southern and distinct white is a rival to its renowned northern 'brothers' for its freshness, thanks to its elegant bitterness and particularly its savoury finish, due to the soil and long ripening on the northern side. Its structure is not a reflection of the volume, but its floral elegance and delicacy makes it precise and pure. This white goes best with langoustines, scallops and lobster. A white-fleshed noble fish would pair perfectly, with a salt crust, cooked in white butter or simply grilled with wild fennel.


This vintage, marked by abundant moisture in the spring and early summer, has seen a development in the soil as well as the arrival of mildew. By choosing not to spray the vines undiscerningly, we helped the vines to adapt and the grapes to ripen. There is therefore very little copper this year; the soil is protected and the vineyards were able to fight back thanks to our cultivation and biodynamic methods. Here the soil is alive. The limestone is able to simultaneously drain the water and retain it. Its alkaline dynamics, stemming from the plants around it, are obstacles to the development of endemic varieties. It is the home of absolute serenity. The 2018 vintage is thus intuitive, delicate and balanced, while the northern facing vineyards have helped to add that final touch of sparkle and elegance.


Handpicked grapes, with a small team of pickers. Grape bunch selection is made in the vineyard. Less than 30 Hl/ha.

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