The White
of Château de Pibarnon

Le Blanc du Château de Pibarnon 2016

Grape variety

- 50% CLAIRETTE (finesse and elegance). - 30% BOURBOULENC (freshness and liveliness) - 20 % LOCAL GRAPE VARIETIES (Marsanne and Ugni Blanc, for the complexity of the bouquet)


Located on cooler north-facing slopes, the white grapes are planted on a very interesting soil consisted of BLUE MARL from the SANTONIAN geological period, the same soil as Petrus or Chateau-Chalon. Altitude 900 ft.


Direct pressing and cold settling. Traditional method. Fermented at a low temperature, slowly, during 25 days. Aged in tank and a small part in wood to give more complexity.


The 2016 vintage stands out by its very beautiful and clear freshness, mineral and palatable! A delicate nose of white fruits and white flowers, then a green vegetable freshness with linden and fennel. A singular wine, southern in its brightness, Nordic in its density and its precision. Elegant and well-balanced! This white is well matched with langoustines, scallops and lobster. Fine white fish will be perfect, in a salt crust, with a white butter sauce, or simply grilled with wild fennel.


2016 will be remembered for its relatively long drought period (more than 5 months) which had a significant impact on yields. It is a shame as even though it was dry, the vines had NO episode of stress. The deep soils of the Domaine meant that hydration was maintained without any issues. The yield is just abnormally low. By seeking out hydration and humidity far down, the roots have also found trace elements and minerals in the rich deep soils, necessary for this singular wine's balance.


Handpicked grapes, with a small team of pickers. Grape bunch selection is made in the vineyard. Less than 30 Hl/ha.

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