The White
of Château de Pibarnon

Le Blanc du Château de Pibarnon 2015

Grape variety

- 50% CLAIRETTE for finesse and elegance - 30% BOURBOULENC for liveliness and freshness - 20% various local, and generally unusual, grapes for complexity, full body, diversity of bouquets.


The vineyard overlooks the sea, covering terraces upon terraces up to 300 metres altitude, on slopes forming a vast amphitheatre. It is planted on a very old, and highly calcareous, Triassic ground. At Pibarnon, we are fortunate not only to have a few cultivable north sides that allow for a slow ripening White but also an unusual richness in the lower grounds: blue marl Santonian. This formation is a very rare feature of the lower grounds at well reputed Châteaux, such as the terroir of Château-Chalon.


Direct pressing and cold settling. Winemaking in vats, with a piece of wood, traditional method, slow fermentation.


The 2015 vintage opens with a nice bouquet of white flowers and notes on both vegetable and mineral. The fruit remains present and possible to bring a gourmet round but without burdening freshness. A perfectly balanced wine, elegant and suave, it will perfectly accompany your dishes noble white fish such as sea bass, skate, wolf, but also the scampi, scalopes ..


The year 2015 was particularly hot on average, but without scorching effect either heat peak in our regions. An evolution consistent temperatures from the beginning of spring. It was dry, but no stress for the vine because the groundwater had been met heavy rains of winter. The limestone has the ability to absorb and retain water. The harvest starting in late August and ends at the 25 September.


6 ha area on hillsides, yields to 30 hl / ha. Hand harvested in boxes of 20 kg.

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