The White
of Château de Pibarnon

Le Blanc du Château de Pibarnon 2014

Grape variety

- 45% CLAIRETTE for finesse and elegance - 30% BOURBOULENC for liveliness and freshness - 25% various local, and generally unusual, grapes for complexity, full body, diversity of bouquets.


The vineyard overlooks the sea, covering terraces upon terraces up to 300 metres altitude, on slopes forming a vast amphitheatre. It is planted on a very old, and highly calcareous, Triassic ground. At Pibarnon, we are fortunate not only to have a few cultivable north sides that allow for a slow ripening White but also an unusual richness in the lower grounds: blue marl Santonian. This formation is a very rare feature of the lower grounds at well reputed Châteaux, such as the terroir of Château-Chalon.


Direct pressing and cold settling. Winemaking in vats, with a piece of wood, traditional method, slow fermentation.


The 2014 vintage has a beautiful and clean freshness, almost mineral! The nose has light aromas of white, dried fruits, then a green freshness of lime and fennel. Fruity flavours round it all off slightly and give it an overall beautifully gourmand note. Elegance and a lot of balance! This White is best paired with scampi, Saint-Jacques scallops, lobsters. The noble white flesh fish will be perfect, in a salt crust, with white butter sauce, or simply grilled with wild fennel.


2014 offers us a very consistent vintage. A hot year overall, but with no extreme temperatures, as both winter and spring were mild. The summer has continued in the same vein: not particularly scorching and even quite cool for the region. The lovely cool nights allowed the grapes to ripen slowly and fully.


6 ha area on hillsides, yields to 30 hl / ha. Hand harvested in boxes of 20 kg.

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