Le Rosé Nuances
of Château de Pibarnon

Le Rosé Nuances du Château de Pibarnon 2017

A Genesis Hidden in our Memories

NUANCES Rosé was born out of our continuous tastings of Pibarnon's young and older vintage Rosés. In the past, we often had to launch a new vintage in mid-August with already more complex notes and a broad and fulfilling structure, knowing that a Classic Pibarnon Rosé can easily be drunk the following year and for years to come.

The Expectation..

So, this is how the idea for a Grand Rosé sprung up: a rosé that would be deliberately kept in the cellar during the first spring and the first summer and would then be launched in the autumn, to be served with white meats, autumn and winter dishes, whilst maintaining hints of the Mediterranean.

At least 95% Mourvèdre

We naturally focused our choice on a 95% Mourvèdre, which has the immense quality of taking longer to open up, then lasting for a very long time. Of course, a Grand Rosé is also a matter of wine-making and a choice of aging. A combined option was choosen: partly in Franz Stockinger 30hl large oak cask, which is very neutral in terms of toasting, but do bring the necessary oxygen; and partly in stoneware, a noble and porous earth that gives tension and purity.

A Grand Rosé

Production remains quite small: it is an exceptional rosé. We chose our best soils, with Bandol's yields (for the record, less than 35 hl / ha). Natural yeasts, good quality wine-making temperature of (21/23°C), to extract aromas of the grape variety, not fermentative. Wine bottled late, mid-June 2018. Available in spring 2019.


A delicately iridescent and subtle colour, elegant and refreshingly aromatic. Nothing extravagant, just finesse. It reveals a faint hint of greenery and an undertone of red fruits that will intensify, then allow the liquorice and spices to make an appearance. On the palate, it is broad, ample, simultaneously both crisp and powerful, blessed with a phenomenal and palatable length. This rosé Nuances 2017 draws us to white meats, autumnal thrushes, partridges. It's also a tribute to the Mediterranean: it is made for red mullet, saffron, crayfish... A great mealtime rosé, can be stored.

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