Les Restanques
de Pibarnon

Les Restanques de Pibarnon 2018

Grape variety



Les Restanques is a vineyard planted on the hills. Wines from this vineyard represent the youth of CHATEAU de PIBARNON and the desire to produce wines from vines that come from the same terroir but that are 10 to 20 years younger, with much more pronounced Grenache flavours.


The grapes are completely destemmed and placed in vats without the aid of pumps. Grapes are treaded daily in order to extract the delicate tannins from the skin. Temperature is controlled in order to retain the wine's fresh berry aromas. It is Maturing in oak barrels for 18 months.


This structurally refined vintage immediately takes you to a hedonistic universe, with its velvety texture but also sweet spices, crunchy fruit and energy. A fine first taste on the palate - accompanying, enveloping and precise. Your taste buds will be hypnotised thanks to the ripe, juicy and deep Mourvèdre which it partly comprises. A real tactile joy in the mouth.


2018 is an intuitive, elegant and balanced vintage. Marked by permanent humidity in the spring and beginning of summer, this vintage allowed the soil to flourish but also caused the development of mildew. We have almost never been under such pressure. We ultimately decided not to over-treat the vines and instead helped them to adapt and ripen their grapes. There was therefore very little copper this year and so the soils were preserved while the vineyard defended itself thanks to our cultivation methods and biodynamic production.


Terraced hillsides surface area of 8 ha, up to 150m altitude. Yields of 30 hl / ha. Manual harvest, in 20 kg boxes.

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