Les Restanques
de Pibarnon

Les Restanques de Pibarnon 2015

Grape variety



Les Restanques is a vineyard planted on the hills. Wines from this vineyard represent the youth of CHATEAU de PIBARNON and the desire to produce wines from vines that come from the same terroir but that are 10 to 20 years younger, with much more pronounced Grenache flavours.


The grapes are completely destemmed and placed in vats without the aid of pumps. Grapes are treaded daily in order to extract the delicate tannins from the skin. Temperature is controlled in order to retain the wine's fresh berry aromas. It is aged for 18 months, some of it in Burgundian-style barrels and the rest in oak barrels.


Wisdom shines from within this Restanques 2015 and complex plant overtones are shown on the nose, such as sandalwood, garrigue, wild herbs and pepper, supported by fruity wild berries. The palate shows good density mixed with delicate tannins, producing a pure tasting experience. The wine's elegance gives it depth and freshness. In a few months this classic wine will bear the qualities of a sensual wine from the south.


It's a year of equilibrium, finesse and beautiful maturity. Little excess, despite rainfall stopping prematurely (late April). Was it a hot year? Yes, certainly, on average, but evened out by cool nights. Here, we benefit from the sea air and night time mist that evaporates very quickly in the early morning. Was it a dry year? No, our terroir at high altitude has poor yet deep soils that gradually create winter reserves for the vines. The limestone provides a silky texture, and has a decent acid and mineral support


35 hectoliters per hectare (about 1700 t/acre) Surface: 8 hectares on hill-side, at an altitude of 200m above sea level. Harvest from September 5th for the first Grenache to September 20th for the latest mourvèdre.

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