Les Restanques
de Pibarnon

Les Restanques de Pibarnon 2012

Grape variety

70% Mourvèdre and 30% Grenache


Les Restanques is a vineyard planted on the hills. Wines from this vineyard represent the youth of CHATEAU de PIBARNON and the desire to produce wines from vines that come from the same terroir but that are 10 to 20 years younger, with much more pronounced Grenache flavours.


The grapes are completely destemmed and placed in vats without the aid of pumps. Grapes are treaded daily in order to extract the delicate tannins from the skin. Temperature is controlled in order to retain the wine's fresh berry aromas. It is aged for 18 months, some of it in Burgundian-style barrels and the rest in oak barrels.


The tannins in the 2012 vintage are much less pronounced than those in 2011. Its velvety texture and elegance is a pleasure on the palate. From the very first sip we can taste the fruitiness, softness and roundness of this blend. The wine's subtly spicy tones are representative of the Bandol character and its grape variety. This well-balanced wine is a perfect addition to both humble and sophisticated dinners and a perfect accompaniment to both simple and refined dishes. This wine should be drunk by all to celebrate its beautifully fruity and refreshing aromas. It goes perfectly with meat such as sweetbread, braised pork, veal or lamb chops.


Surprisingly, the icy period had little effect on the vines. What we positively recall instead is the mild winter that concluded with a dry and fine March. April and May were more capricious and brought with them much needed rainfall. The vineyards got more than enough water to last them through the summer. In July and August, nights were rather cool (15°C at dawn at times), ensuring an ideal temperature range. Perfect for tannin ripening without excess sugar. Heavy rainfall (40mm) ends this successful ripening period.


Handpicked grapes with a small team of pickers. Grapes harvested in small boxes in order to prevent from oxidation. 35 hectoliters per hectare (about 1700 t/acre) Surface: 8 hectares on hill-side, at an altitude of 200m above sea level.

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