The Red
of Château de Pibarnon

Le Rouge du Château de Pibarnon 2019

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The high altitude of these plots means cool nights and slow ripening of the grapes. The Château de Pibarnon vineyard is planted on very old Triassic soil characterised by a very high amount of limestone. This limestone creates the presence of bouquets in the wines as well as very fine and elegant tannins. Also, this limestone gives the wine its freshness and minerality, creating an exemplary taste. The Château de Pibarnon is divided into 12 main plots, all located on the hills of the domaine: Bel Air, Jourdan, Pointes-Blanches, le Cirque...


The 2019 Rouge goes back to basics. This year we have used whole bunches in a lot of our reds (uncrushed, unstemmed bunches), not to get strength from the tannins, oh no - our wines focus on elegance, as you know. The point of having whole bunches is to bring out the minerality and freshness that a vintage like this one could be hiding. The stalks make it possible to bring the limestone into the wine, giving it bold and structured - but not muscular ¬- characteristics, delicate and sapid on the palate. When the wine has matured, it fits perfectly into this balanced construction of boldness and precision, creating a luminous product. AGEING in oak barrels for 20 months. The barrel collection has been 100% renewed. A fine selection of coopers, in a bid to be neutral.


The 2019 Rouge is a luminous, defiant, tasty and paradoxically very delicate wine despite its strength. Its juicy and balanced tannins are stripped and precise, without excess. One of the best wines we have produced in a long time. Very precise, with just the right amount of insolence. It is very young, but can still be drunk in small quantities after being decanted for a long time, giving it length. It will go perfectly with rare meats with jus and herbs included (sage, rosemary).


The 2019 vintage is just as you may remember it: rainfall in abundance...but only from October to January! The 550 mm did manage to water the soil however. The health of the vineyards was exemplary; very few treatments, few actions taken and little ploughing to prevent water evaporation. Minimum leaf growth meaning that the production was adapted to the plant's capacities. Low yield. The year we became certified organic: Even though we have been producing our wines organically since 2004, we only started the certification process in 2016 and obtained it in 2019.


Harvested by hand, very short circuit, gravity flow winemaking. Handpicked grapes with a small team of pickers. This allows us to stretch out picking dates, to maximize the opportunity of harvesting each variety at its best moment of maturity. Strict selection in the vineyard and picking out of individual grapes bunches, if necessary. 29 hectoliters per hectare

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