The Rosé
of Château de Pibarnon

Le Rosé du Château de Pibarnon 2021

Grape variety



The vineyard overlooks the sea and is situated on dry stone wall terraces up to 300 metres above sea level, which form a large crater. This special location, as well as the bold blend of grape varieties, is what gives this rosé its personality, complexity and elegance.


The CINSAULT is pressed directly and gives bold and fruity qualities to the wine. MOURVEDRE comes from direct bleeding (free run juice) and pressing. It gives the wine a fine structure, freshness and complexity. Long fermentation in stainless steel vats. Around 20°C temperature. Ageing in vats for 6 months, in order to preserve freshness and radiance.


The 2021 rosé is still quite energetic - this is normal as it won't fully open up until the middle of next spring. It is still a teenager and therefore very erratic, an energetic southerner who is still lacking in experience. Let's patiently wait until it is bottled for it to reach its full elegant potential mixed with insolence that will make your tastebuds dance, twirling red berries and sweet spices with its beautifully elegant and sensual stature. It goes perfectly with colourful and inventive dishes full of sweet and rare spices. A four seasons rosé; ethereal, refreshing and fruity in the first few months and then more mineral, complex, long and structured. Red mullet, bottarga, saffron, Spanish ham, anchovy purée, Roquefort and roquette produce a delicate and fine pairing with the wine. Asian cuisine, raw fish, garlic and white meat also go well together.


2021 remains similar to previous vintages. Light but adequate rainfall. As you may know, relatively low rainfall causes less growth and therefore less water demand during the dry summer. Eric's winegrowing methods include making the grapes more visible on the vines, and we end the summer season as if we were harvesting nectar. No heatwaves in the summer. The temperature does not go over 31°C in the shade, no sirocco, no heatstroke. The harvest is good with relatively late maturity (the harvest takes place between the 1st and 25th September), with competitive acidities which induce low pH (for our expert readers), guaranteeing dynamism, longevity and energy. The usual team of experts helps out with serenity, desire and efficiency. Good teamwork is a prelude to any quality creation.


Harvested by hand by a small team of experts. Organic production (certified in 2019) with some biodynamic principles (tillage, infusions, preparation 500, experimenting with essential oils). Surface area: 20 ha on slopes. Low yield in 2021: 30 hl/ha.

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