The Orangery

Reception - Seminar - Cocktail party...

Henri and Catherine de Saint Victor have partly built the reputation of Château de Pibarnon on their friendly approach and hospitality. To continue in this vein and carry on this tradition, Pibarnon had to equip itself with a reception room worthy of its name. Catherine De Saint Victor is responsible for drawing up the plans, wanting to create a room in the annex of family country house with stunning views of the estate, its vineyards, the Bay of Sanary...

The Orangery was established in 1997 and enables them to host gala dinners, prestigious meetings, seminars, cocktail parties, tastings and even put on classical music concerts at the Château, in a welcoming setting.

A space for meetings and discussions where everyone is invited to take part in a unique experience, Château de Pibarnon would like to share its experiences and its uniqueness.

The Orangery is wide, bright and opens out onto the vineyard, overlooking the amphitheatre. It captures the stunning view that is integral to the legend of Pibarnon.

Please contact us and tell us how we can help - we will be delighted to answer your questions and advise you. Do not miss out on an opportunity to get together in a majestic place full of serenity and luxury, reflecting the qualities of our full bodied, concentrated, yet delicate and elegant wines.  

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