16th October 2013

2013 Harvest

Here we are !!!

The last grapes have been harvested... At least, one might say! Unusual conditions this year have forced us to harvest over a long period...

Since 5th September (for our white varieties), until 15th October for the last Mourvèdres ...

Some may say that 2013 has been a complicated year, others may say it has been special, either way it has certainly been a difficult one, but beautiful overall!  

Late maturities, periods of humidity and rain in September meant we had to weigh up the lack of maturity against the risk of rot...

There is an old saying in Pibarnon, we only  harvest when the grapes are ripe...

So, we eliminate the risk of rot by removing the superfluous leaves by hand from around the bunch as these retain moisture, and therefore leave the fruit exposed to the air and sunshine so that it dries properly and matures... The gamble paid off, no hail came, the sun took over from the rain and the grapes ripened healthily so they were picked at their optimum.

2013 will, therefore, once again produce a beautiful, a very beautiful vintage for Pibarnon!    

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